Reef sculptures in gallery Reef sculpture Reef sculptures in gallery Reef sculptures Reef sculptures in gallery dramatically lit against black background A woman writing on a blackboard with scientific drawings Sculpture made from netting material A woman looking at reef sculpture in gallery Reef sculptures in a gallery Pink and orange reef scultpture against dramatic blue background Reef sculptures Reef sculpture Reef sculptures in a gallery Reef sculptures with dramatic lighting in a gallery


Orange Anemonie sculpture

An ever-evolving nature-culture hybrid, the Crochet Coral Reef resides at the nexus of art, science, mathematics, environmentalism, and community practice.

Soccer-ball like black and white pattern


A chalkboard with scientific drawings

Art + Science

Created in response to climate change and oceanic plastic trash, the Crochet Reef also invokes hyperbolic geometry and Darwinian evolution.

Reef sculptures inside glass vitrine


The Crochet Coral Reef has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including at the Hayward Gallery (London) and the Smithsonian (Washington DC).

A reef sculpture by a lake

Satellite Reefs

The Crochet Coral Reef sends out spawn: more than 40 community-based Satellite Reefs have been made around the world.


“The sculptures are like force-fields drawing you into their orbit, catalysts for a network of social relations that mimic a reef’s … Gorgeous, absurd and socially productive, these are rare works of art.”

— Christopher Knight, Los Angeles Times

Ted Talk

Margaret Wertheim spoke on the TED main-stage about the Crochet Coral Reef.


Diatom illustration

Send us inquiries about exhibiting the Crochet Coral Reef and starting your own Satellite Reef.

Diatom illustration